Ca’ Boffenisio wines will be at Gusto in Scena in Venice from April 23rd to April 24th in the splendid location of Scuola Grande di San Giovanni Evangelista.
This food and wine event will host fine quality products from selected Italian producers and Ca’ Boffenisio will take part to the wine section called I Magnifici Vini.
Come and meet us, we’ll be glad to let you taste our wines in beautiful Venice.


Ca’ Boffenisio has chosen to adopt organic farming since the beginning of its activity, but what is meant by organic wine?

Talking about organic wine refers to the reduction of chemical interventions in the vineyard and in the winery, the certification of the product and the processing techniques according to European standards. Organic wine is presented to consumers with a universally identifiable mark of quality  which consists in the elimination of chemicals and limitation of sulphites, as well as the reduction of used water and the choice of biological breeding rules that prevent pests naturally .

The amount of sulfites under current regulations for organic wines should not exceed 100 mg/l for red and 150 mg/l for white and rosé wines (about 50 mg/l less than conventional wines). The only exceptions are the wines of central and northern Europe, which are more sugary, arriving at 120 mg/l for red wines and 170 mg/l for white wines.

In essence, organic wines seeks to reconcile environmental protection with the genuineness of the foods we consume.
Producing and choosing organic wine means to respect and safeguard the environment and the consumer.


Welcome to the new Ca’ Boffenisio website.
In our intentions this new website reflects the natural character and the values of elegance and charm that characterize our wines, with a note of strong personality: the golden yellow that illuminates our Bacchus.
Here you can find the essential information on Ca’ Boffenisio activity and its products, and you can also download the wine sheets.
In a simple way we take stock of what has been and we open a small window on the future. In the News section we will give information about the events that Ca’ Boffenisio will take part to and the link to the Facebook page will allow an even more direct dialogue with those who know and appreciate the winery.
If you don’t know the Boffenisio basin yet, visit it virtually looking at the pictures in the Gallery and watching the video in the Home page, with the music of our friend and maestro Fabrizio Campanelli.
Enjoy your visit and see you soon for a tour in our vineyards, a tasting and a toast to drinking well and healthy at Ca’ Boffenisio.


For those who love good wine and those who don’t know our winery yet, call us or send us an email to book a tasting at Ca’ Boffenisio. We’ll be glad to welcome you and make you taste our wines, making a toast to good and healty drinking.