Philosphy Bio

bioCa’ Boffenisio commitment is to producing organic wines of the best quality, using strict agro-environmental procedures, the best available wine-making techniques and every possible effort to make sure that both our  customers and all of us in Ca’ Boffenisio are satisfied. Our wines are the best outcome of our terroir features, in respect of environment and human being.
Good wine starts on the vine. The soil and the plants themselves must be tended. The vital relation between the two and their natural needs for heat, water and organic sustenance must be respected.

We do not expect vast quantities of wine, we do not push the plants beyond their capacity. We prefer a limited production of generous, authentic, energetic wine, boasting all the properties mother nature bestowed on it.

We use only organic sustenance for our vines, and every year – to different degrees – the sun, the air, and water, with a pinch of good luck, all together ensure the success of the harvest. So that the wines are unrepeatable elsewhere.

Another ingredient is passion, a true feeling for the culture of wine, and for drinking it on all sorts of convivial occasions, making opportunities for communication, friendship and elegance. But then wine has its own magic: it encourages us to express ourselves, to open up to others,  while at the same time finding our inner  selves.