A land with gentle contrasts between the plain, the hills and the mountains, Oltrepò Pavese is the southern most part of Lombardy and of the Pavia province. The hills here form a triangle of land shaped like a bunch of grap, as  if symbolizing its destiny and the soil gradually increases from the plains along the Po river up to 700 mt. above sea level. Since thousands of years the area has been highly suited to vinegrowing for the production of grapes and wine so that viticulture in the Oltrepoò is mentioned by classical Greek and Roman authors including Pliny the Elder and Strabo.

Oltrepò in located along the 45th parallele, the ideal line that unites the great winegrowing territories in Europe: Bordeaux, Langhe, Oltrepo. In this so called Europe’s Wine Band, latitude, climate, and soils combine in an extraordinary mix of history and situations that give rise to excellence.

Italy’s second largest winegrowing area, the Oltrepò Pavese is home to a natural Apennine environment. This area is less than 100  km from the seaside, and less than 40 km from Milano, separeted only by the green plains of the Po River.

Here in Oltrepò you can find Ca’ Boffenisio, more precisely in the municipality of Borgo Priolo, in the valley of the Coppa torrent, at 350 mt above sea level. Ca’ Boffenisio is set in a splendid natural amphitheatre, surrounded  by a crown of untouched woods, the Torre del Monte woods. The vineyeards, strictly tended in a natural way, are like the stands of a theatre. In the middle find its place the big house and the cellar.

The soils of calcareous clayey marl, the inclination of the land rather steep, the temperate and dry climate which is always windy, a strong temperature range between day and night, all of them make it possible to have very fragrant wines, great in minerals, structure and elegance.